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Batata of agro leccese

Batata of agro leccese


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin



The Batata of agro leccese, also known as Sweet potato or Zuccherina, is produced only by a limited number of farmers. Its production area includes the territories of the province of Brindisi and Lecce, specifically in the territories of the towns of Calimera, Surbo, Squinzano and Trepuzzi.

The Batata of agro leccese has an elongated shape, it is red-ochre in colour outside and yellow inside. It is a potato rich in starch and sugar.


The cultivation of this vegetable is made in warm and marshy soils at the beginning of February, while pick up takes place from September to November.

The plant of the Batata is very resistant to arid environments and can grow in a beautiful ornamental plant with heart-shaped leaves.

The Batata of agro leccese is a sweet potato often used for the preparation of pancakes and desserts.

It is also excellent cut in slices, fried and served warm with some sugar sprinkled over. A local and typical way of cooking Batata is under ashes. This potato is also used to make flour.

In early September, in the town of Frigole, it is held the "Festival of Potata Zuccherina".