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Beans of the Southern Daunia Mountains

Beans of the Southern Daunia Mountains


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Province of Foggia


The beans of the Southern Daunia mountains are an organic product grown in some territories of the province of Foggia such as those of Faeto, Montenapoleone, Anzano, Orsara and Panni.

They are rounded in shape and ivory in colour with a very pleasant taste. They also have a thin and soft skin thanks to the ground without limestone.


The sowing of this type of beans takes place on the 8th of May. They are sown together with corns, as they are used by the bean plant as support on which to grow.

The harvesting takes place in August when they are left to dry before being sifted and stored.

The beans of Southern Daunia mountains is very easy to cook thanks to its thin skin. These beans are perfect to be used for soups, salads and various other recipes.