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Capers of the Gargano

Capers of the Gargano


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Gargano (Foggia)


Capers of the Gargano grow spontaneously together with the Mediterranean vegetation and inside the pine woods.

It is mainly found along the coastline of the promontory of the town of Mattinata, but also in the territories of the towns of Monte Sant'Angelo, San Giovanni Rotondo and Rignano Garganico.

It is a plant with strong aromatic properties, bushy and with thick leaves. It grows on walls, on limestone cliffs and on land.

The Capers of the Gargano are rather small in size and characterized by a deep green colour. They have been used in the local cuisine for thousands of years.


On the Gargano promontory, as well as in the whole Puglia region, there is no proper capers cultivation. This means that capers harvesting takes place on plants that grow naturally in the wild.

Capers grow on the plant from May until September and they are collected before they blossom.

Once picked up they are put in brine, covered with sea salt and mixed from time to time. Where ready, they can be stored in an airtight glass containers.

Capers are widely used in Puglia cuisine to enhance and spice up certain types of dishes.

They are used with fresh tomato sauce or as filling for meat and fish dishes.