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Carrot of Polignano

Carrot of Polignano


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Part of the Slow Food movement

Place of Origin

Polignano a mare (Bari)


The Carrot of Polignano, also known as Carrot of San Vito, is a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT) of Puglia and part of the Slow Food movement. It has won many recognitions for its qualities and for its traditional methods of cultivation and production.

The quality of this carrot comes from the type of sandy soil and from the type of irrigation. The latter is carried out using water from marine infiltration drawn from a well. Thanks to this type of irrigation used the carrot has a unique and distinctive flavour

This carrot can be yellow, orange or dark purple in colour.


The carrot of Polignano is grown in the territory of Frazione di San Vito, located north of Polignano.

This vegetable is cultivated using seeds selected by the producers themselves. They first select the most suitable plants and, then, the seeds of the best of these.

Sowing time is between mid-August and mid-September, irrespective of the colour, so when they are picked up, they have all have different shades of colour.

Irrigation is done by drawing water from an ancient 18th century well which provides filtered marine water. Picking up starts in December and lasts until April.

The Carrot of Polignano can be consumed raw or cooked, as an ingredient for pasta dishes, as a side dish and for the preparation of cakes, ice creams and jams.