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Fava di Carpino

Fava di Carpino


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Part of the Slow Food movement

Place of Origin

Carpino (Foggia)


The territory of the small town of Carpino, located within the Gargano National Park, offers a unique limestone soil and an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of the Fava di Carpino.

These are medium-small size broad beans, characterized by a dimple in the lower part. They are green at the time of collection, but tending to become greyish with time.

They have an intense flavour, a very thin skin and they are brittle inside.

The broad beans of Carpino are protected by the Slow Food movement with the intent to safeguard is traditional methods of cultivation and encourage its production.


The sowing of this type of beans is between October and November. They do not need any particular treatment and they are not fertilized.

Harvesting takes place during the months of June and July. The plants are cut down and left to dry out in the field, while the separation of the chaff from the beans follows afterwards.

Carpino broad beans are excellent for the preparation of soups, for the recipe with pumpkin and potato, but also with pasta.