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New potato Sieglinde of Galatina

New potato Sieglinde of Galatina


DOP - Protected Designation of Origin

Place of Origin

Galatina (Lecce)


The new potato Sieglinde of Galatina, is cultivated mainly in the territories of the towns of Galatina, Melissano, Ugento, Matino and Presicce, all located in province of Lecce.

It is a potato of German origin introduced in Salento probably after the last war, and it is today a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product.

Thanks to the ideal climate, the special characteristics of the land and the farming methods this potato has a low starch, a unique and delicate flavour, with a bright yellow peel and yellowish colour inside.

The climatic conditions of the area allow the maturation of the potato much earlier than other varieties, even of the same area.

This potato is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids and has a high content of vitamin C, beta-carotene and iron.


The potato Sieglinde of Galatina is a new potato, this means that picking up can take place between mid-March to mid-July.

The quality of this potato comes from the fertile earth, the mild climate, the proximity of the sea and the moderate rainfall.

This potato is commonly used in local recipes such as "Rice, mussels and potatoes", "Insalata salentina" and Potato panzerotti. It is also excellent boiled, roasted or fried.