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Onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti

Onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Part of the Slow Food movement

Place of Origin

Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari)


The Onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti is grown and produced in the territories of the towns of Acquaviva delle Fonti, Sammichele di Bari and Cassano delle Murge.

It is a product protected by the Slow Food movement and it is recognizable for its flat and round shape, for its red-purple coloured outside and white coloured inside, and for its particular sweetness.


The onion of Acquaviva is organically grown in deep well-drained aerated and potassium-rich soils.

It is sown in September, during waning moon with respect to tradition, and picked up in July and August. It is then placed in wooden boxes and stored in dry and ventilated rooms.

This onion can be consumed in salads, baked or fried. It is locally used to stuff panzerotti, or to make caramelized onions or red onion marmalade.

In mid July the town of Acquaviva delle Fonti helds the "Festival della Cipolla Rossa.