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Onion of Zapponeta

Onion of Zapponeta


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Zapponeta (Foggia)


The Onion of Zapponeta is a vegetable of a white ivory colour, of different shape and size depending on the harvesting period: if harvested between April and May it has a flat shape, if collected between June and August it has a more rounded shape.

It is a sweet juicy crispy and watery onion with a low level of sulphur compounds which limits its pungent flavour.

It is produced in the territories of Zapponeta and Margherita di Savoia and it is a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT) of Puglia region.


The Onion of Zapponeta is grown along a coastline made up of sandy shores once marshy areas. These territory were transformed by farmers who long time ago turned them into lands for cultivation.

These onions have perfect shape thanks to the soil of these sandy lands that makes no resistance on the bulb.

Once picked up the onion is placed in special containers and stored in warehouses protected from humidity. They are then packaged for sale.

The onion of Zapponeta is great eaten raw, baked or boiled.