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Pisello riccio di Sannicola

Pisello riccio di Sannicola


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Part of the Slow Food movement

Place of Origin

Sannicola (Lecce)


Pisello riccio of Sannicola is a small tender sweet and compact pea of a cuboid shape.

It is cultivated in Salento, particularly on the rocky headlands of Sannicola, Gallipoli and Nardò.


Pisello riccio of Sannicola is cultivated in many areas of Salento especially on the slopes of rocky headlands. Lands that offer an ideal habitat for its cultivation.

The plant of this pea is small, bushy and compact. When growing it twists on itself, from which it takes its name.

It produces small cylindrical pods with inside green and spherical seeds.

This is a great pea that can be eaten raw but it can also be stored to be used at a later time.