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Pomodoro da serbo giallo

Pomodoro da serbo giallo


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Province of Lecce


Pomodoro da serbo giallo is typical of Lecce province particularly the western side of the same city.
These tomatoes are grown in this area since these were imported from America as ornamental plants. Since then, they have retained their characteristic yellow colour.

They have a round shape, a gold colour on the outside and a red colour inside. They can be preserved for long period of times thanks to their thick skin. They are very tasty, with a slightly sour taste, and with a smell of wet earth.


The plant of this tomato is so vigorous that grows in small bushes and if planted in deep soils it reaches a very long production cycle that can range from March to September.

The cultivation of this vegetable takes place in March. Later, the plants are transferred to processed and enriched lands. Overall the cultivation of this type of tomato is not complicated as it does not require a constant irrigation.

Tomatoes are placed in wooden boxes and then stored hanging in ventilated and dry rooms.

Widely used in vegetable soup and in traditional local dishes.