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DOP - Protected Designation of Origin

Place of Origin

Galatina (Lecce)


The production area of ​​Galatina DOP wine includes, in addition to the territory of Galatina, the territories of the towns of Cutrofiano, Aradeo, Neviano, Secli, Collepasso and Sogliano, all located in province of Lecce.

The Galatina Rosso is made with Negroamaro grapes for at least 65%; the Bianco version is made with Chardonnay grapes, for at least 55%.

Galatina Rosso Riserva must have at least 85% of Negroamaro grapes, and must be aged for no less than 24 months, of which 6 in wooden casks.

Galatina Bianco Chardonnay must have a minimum of 85% of Chardonnay grapes.

Main grape varieties used to make Galatina DOP:


Galatina DOP is produced in different types: Rosso, Bianco, Rosato, Reserve, Frizzante and Novello.

Galatina Negroamaro is a red wine with an elegant and harmonious flavour. The Reserve version is more robust, velvety, warm and balanced.

Galatina Bianco is a wine with a delicate and fruity bouquet and a sparkling dry taste.

Galatina Rosso DOP should be served at a temperature of 20 degrees.

Galatina Bianco DOP is served at a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees.


Galatina Rosso DOP pairs well with first courses and, together with Rosato, with baked dishes and grilled meat.

Galatina Bianco DOP pairs well with fish dishes.