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DOP - Protected Designation of Origin

Place of Origin

Nardo' (Lecce)


Nardò DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) is produced not only in the territory of Nardò but also in Porto Cesareo, both located in the province of Lecce.

It is made in Rosso and Rosato versions with Megroamaro grapes for a minimum of 80%. The remaining part may consist of Malvasia Nera di Brindisi, Malvasia Bianca di Lecce and Montepulciano grapes, alone or together, for a maximum of 20%. There is also the 'Riserva' version which must have a minimum ageing period of two years.

Main grape varieties used to make Nardò DOP:


Nardò wine is produced in Rosso, Rosso Riserva and Rosato versions.

Nardò Rosso has an intense aroma and harmonious and dry flavour.

Nardò Rosso Riserva is a wine with a delicate and distinctive bouquet, and a full-bodied, dry, velvety and harmonious flavour.

Nardò Rosato has a delicate and distinctive bouquet, and a dry, slightly tannic and balanced taste.

Nardò Rosso is served at a temperature of 18 degrees.

Nardò Rosato is served at a temperature between 12 and 14 degrees.


Nardò Rosso pairs well with red meat and salami.

Nardò Rosato pairs well with boiled fish, stuffed squid, baked sea bream and pasta with chickpeas.