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Rosso Cerignola

Rosso Cerignola


DOP - Protected Designation of Origin

Place of Origin

Cerignola (Foggia)


Rosso di Cerignola DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) wine is produced, as well as in the territory of the town of Cerignola, also in the territories of Stornara, Stornarella and Ascoli Satriano, part of the territory of Cerignola.

Rosso di Cerignola is made with Nero di Troia grapes, for a minimum of 55%, with Negroamaro grapes, between 15% and 30%, and for the remaining part but not exceeding 15%, with Montepulciano, Barbera or Sangiovese grapes.

Main grape varieties used to make Rosso Cerignola DOP:


Rosso di Cerignola is a wine with a ruby red colour tending to brick red when aged, with a pleasant aroma, and a dry full-bodied and tannic to the right point flavour.

Cerignola Rosso must be served at a temperature of 18 degrees.


Cerignola Rosso pairs well with lamb, sausages and medium seasoned pecorino cheeses.