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San Severo

San Severo


DOP - Protected Designation of Origin

Place of Origin

San Severo (Foggia)


San Severo DOP is produced in the territories of San Severo, Torremaggiore, Salsola, Vulganello and San Paolo Civitate. Also parts of the territories of Apricena, Poggio Imperiale, Lesina and Lucera, all in province of Foggia.

The main grape for the production of San Severo DOP Rosso and Rosato is the Montepulciano and some Sangiovese for no more than 30%. It can also be made with the use of Nero di Troia, Merlot and Malvasia grapes, for a maximum of 15%.

San Severo Merlot, both Rosso and Rosato, and San Severo Nero di Troia, are made with the same grape variety, and, for no more than 15%, with other black grapes produced locally.

San Severo Bombino Bianco, San Severo Bianco Trebbiano and San Severo Falanghina are made with a minimum of 85% of the same grape variety. The remaining part can come from white grape vines of local production.

San Severo Bianco is mainly produced from Bombino Bianco and Trebbiano grapes with the addition of Malvasia Bianca and Verdeca grapes.

San Severo 'Riserva' requires a minimum ageing period of 18 months.

San Severo is also produced in Frizzante, Spumante and Novello versions.

Main grape varieties used to make San Severo DOP:


The Sangiovese are wines with a dry and balanced taste. The reds are full-bodied and rightly tannic. The Rosati are very pleasant. The whites are dry wines, with a fresh and harmonious aroma.

San Severo Rosso should be served at a temperature of 18 degrees.

San Severo Bianco is served at a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees.

San Severo Rosato should be served at a temperature between 12 and 14 degrees.


San Severo Rosso pairs well with pasta dishes seasoned with meat sauces,also with pork, spicy salami and aged sheep cheese.

San Severo Bianco pairs well with fish pasta dishes, fish and fresh dairy products and cheese, such as Canestrato Pugliese.

The San Severo Rosato pairs well with pasta dishes with meat sauces and pork.