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Valle d'Itria

Valle d'Itria


The IGT area of Valle d'Itria stretches between the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. It includes the lower part of the hills of the Murge hills and extends eastward towards the Adriatic Sea. It is a limestone and clay territory, with the presence of red colour lands.

The climate of this area is characterized by long warm summers and not too cold short winters.

The Valle d'Itria IGT area is divided in two parts: Bassa Murgia, which corresponds to the extreme southern spur of the Murge where red grapes cultivation prevail, and the Valle d'Itria, dominated by white grape vines that produce wines with fine aromas and good acidity.

Among the grape vine varieties of this area: Bianco d'Alessano and Verdeca, the main grape vine of two major DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) of the area, the Martina Franca and Locorotondo. Also Impigno and Francavidda, important for the production of the Ostuni Bianco DOP. The red grape vine Ottavianello is the main vine for the production of the Ostuni Ottavianello DOP. Among other varieties, especially in the Bassa Murgia, the Primitivo, although in smaller quantities.

Among the typical wine types of this area: frizzante, spumante, passito, sparkling red, novello red, and sparkling and novello rosé.

Grapevines of Valle d'Itria IGT zone

Malvasia Nera di Brindisi





Bianco d'Alessano