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The Daunia IGT (Protected Geographical Indication) zone is located on the north of Puglia and includes the whole territory of the province of Foggia and some territories of that of BAT (Barletta-Andria-Trani). It is an area bounded on the west by the Subappenino Dauno and, on the east, by the Gargano promontory. Between the twos there is a large flat area known as the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

The name Daunia comes from the ancient people who lived in the area from the 11th century BC called Dauni. This population, together with the Peuceti, who lived in the centre of Puglia, and the Messapi, who lived in the south, occupied what it nowadays called Puglia.

The Daunia IGT is an ideal area for the cultivation of black grape vines like Nero di Troia, Montepulciano and Aglianico, and white grape vines such as Bombino Bianco, Malvasia Bianca and Trebbiano.

Among the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) wines produced in the area to remember Ortanova, Tavoliere delle Puglie, San Severo, Cerignola Rosso and Cacc'e mmitte di Lucera.

All the white, red and rosé wines of the Daunia IGT area must be obtained with grapes vines suitable to be grown in province of Foggia and BAT.

Among the types of wine produced in this area: reds, sparkling red wines, passito, novello, rosé, sparkling rosé and sparkling whites.

Grapevines of Daunia IGT zone

Bombino Nero

Nero di Troia