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Gravina di Puglia



The territory of Gravina di Puglia was inhabited from as far back as the Bronze age. Here settled the Peucitii and later the Romans, while the construction of the new town, sheltered by the ravine, started in the V century AD.

The medieval historic centre is made up of a tortuous complex of streets balanced on the edge of the ravine. In a dominating position inside the old town lies the Cathedral of Gravina founded in 1092.
Another interesting church is the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie, built in 1602, with the upper order of the facade entirely covered by the coat of arms of the bishop Vincenzo Giustignani: an eagle with its wings spread.

Inside the ancient town there are also some interesting noble palaces such as the Pomarici Santomasi, now a Museum and a Library, the Palazzo Orsini and the Palazzo Pellicciari.



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