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Bianco d'Alessano

Bianco d'Alessano



Grape type: White

Bianco d'Alessano is a popular white grape vine variety of the province of Taranto.

It produces simple and straw-yellow in colour wines. It is, often, mixed with Verdeca grapevine and in blend for the production of some wines of the Itria Valley, such as Locorotondo and Martina Franca.

Bianco d'Alessano has a simple medium-large and compact bunch. Its grapes are medium and spherical with a thick and a uniformly yellow skin.

DOP wines with Bianco d'Alessano grapevine

Wines with Bianco d'Alessano as main grapevine


Martina Franca

Wines with Bianco d'Alessano as secondary grape


IGT zones of production


Valle d'Itria