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Bombino Nero

Bombino Nero



Grape type: Black

Bombino Nero is a typical vine variety of Puglia, particularly widespread in the north of the region. It is the main grapevine for the production of DOCG Castel del Monte Bombino Nero.

Bombino Nero is a black grapevine, with blue grapes, a thin skin and a large compact bunch. It is a late ripening grape with high acidity and low sugar concentration values that do not make it suitable for making red wine, but it is perfect for the production of rosé.

Bombino Nero grape produces wines of ruby red colour, with a vinous and pleasant aroma. They are also dry, aromatic and have a balanced tannic taste.

This grape vine is perfect to be mixed with other grape varieties, such as Nero di Troia and Malvasia Nera, for the production of red and rosé.

DOCG wines with Bombino Nero grapevine

Castel del Monte - Bombino Nero

DOP wines with Bombino Nero grapevine

Wines with Bombino Nero as main grapevine

There are no DOP wines using Bombino Nero as main grape.

Wines with Bombino Nero as secondary grape

Cacc’e mmitte di Lucera

Castel del Monte

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