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Grape type: White

Francavidda is a white grape vine typical of the province of Brindisi. It takes its name from the town of Francavilla Fontana, in province of Brindisi.

Francavidda grape vine produces a pale yellow wine with green hues, a moderately complex aroma with floral and herbaceous notes. It is fruity and smooth on the palate, with almonds aftertaste.

It is a grapevine with a medium sized bunch, which is also simple and rather tight. Its grapes are of medium size with a medium thick skin, and whitish green in colour.

Francavidda is often mixed with other grapes in the area of Ostuni.

DOP wines with Francavidda grapevine

Wines with Francavidda as main grapevine

There are no DOP wines using Francavidda as main grape.

Wines with Francavidda as secondary grape


IGT zones of production

Valle d'Itria