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Grape type: White

Impigno grapevine is currently grown in some areas of the province of Brindisi, in particular in the territory of the town of Ostuni, although it appears to come from the territory of Martina Franca, in province of Taranto. Its name comes from the first farmers who cultivated this variety in the early 20th century.

It is a white grape vine that produces straw-coloured wines, with a fruity aroma, dry and balanced on the palate.

Impigno has a simple, not too compact and of medium size bunch. The grapes are of medium size with a thin, tender and green amber coloured skin.

This grape vine is usually combined with other white varieties like Verdeca, Francavidda and Bianco d'Alessano.

DOP wines with Impigno grapevine

Wines with Impigno as main grapevine

There are no DOP wines using Impigno as main grape.

IGT zones of production

Valle d'Itria