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Grape type: Black

Ottavianello is a grape vine variety grown in the territories of the towns of Ostuni, Carovigno, San Vito dei Normanni and San Michele Salentino, all part of the province of Brindisi.

It is the main grapevine for the Ostuni Ottavianello DOP production, although it is often used to add scents to some reds. It blends well, in fact, with Negroamaro and Primitivo.

Ottavianello produces wines of a ruby red colour, with almonds and hazelnuts aroma, and a soft and consistent aromatic flavour.

The grape bunches are simple, tight, mid-sized and of pyramidal shape. Its grapes are medium in size with a delicate violet skin.

DOP wines with Ottavianello grapevine

Wines with Ottavianello as main grapevine


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